5 Tips for Surviving a Haunted House


I actually peed my pants – in middle school – when a guy with a chainsaw chased after me.

I was convinced by some girlfriends to go through the haunted house that had set up shop in our local mall’s parking lot, and it obviously left me with a memorable experience. I can only imagine that the whole pants-wetting scenario might be worse post-childbirth, so my days of intentionally letting people scare me might be close to over.

However, if you’re still into getting spooked and want to head out for a unique date night or just a wild and crazy evening with some friends, check out the DMMB’s list of haunted happenings in the Denver area; and make sure to watch your back with these five tips below (from a pro) for protecting yourself in a haunted house!

Surviving A Haunted House | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Top 5 things that you should NEVER do if you want to avoid being singled out in a haunted house or corn maze!

(Tips provided by my friend and colleague, Kodi Bryant, who has actually worked as a “haunter” in some of the venues on the DMMB’s list!)

5) Don’t hide behind the person in front of you. This guarantees that all the goblins and ghouls have found an easy target, and you may not make it out alive!!

4) If you are commenting to your friends about how you don’t scare easily, this just signaled the haunters to do everything they can to prove you wrong!

3) If you are with a group, try to stay together. Anyone who is singled out has now become fresh meat.

2) No names! Haunters LOVE this little trick. If someone says your name and a haunter hears it, they will use it to torture you throughout the entire maze or haunted house!

1) Don’t tell your friends/loved ones what you’re afraid of! You will be handed over to the ghouls on a silver platter for their own entertainment!! I have seen it first hand as a demented clown – someone in a group would whisper to me that their friend “Matt” is terrified of clowns. This was my cue to let the games begin!

Also, if you think that big strong guy that you’re with will protect you from all the big bad nasties, think again. I have seen men RUN OVER their girls to try and get away from me!

Just remember, they cannot touch you, you cannot touch them, and you are in no REAL danger of being physically harmed. Mentally is a totally different story!

Now get out there, and have some scary fun!


  1. My fiance and I want to go to our first haunted house this Halloween that got rave reviews. As I mentioned we have never been before so we want to know what to expect. We liked your advice to stick together and not get singled out. We will definitely take these tips to heart.

  2. I’m not brave enough for haunted houses these days, but it’s good to know that my “hide behind someone else” plan wouldn’t work!!


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