Forget girls night out, give me mom’s day away


Now that I’m a mom, girls night out sounds like (and is) a lot of work…

Sure, I’m excited with anticipation during the day. I know there’s something fun to come in the evening.

I begin prepping to get things ready for my girls to have a night with dad. Mom’s, you know what I mean. I try to wear them out all morning so they take a decent and maybe even early nap. “If they nap early, they will go to bed easier,” I think to myself. The afternoon rolls around and it’s time to prep dinner. I do my best to make it a fool proof meal with easy clean up. 

Simultaneously, I’m trying to get ready for this girls night out. I’m trying on outfit after outfit – not pleased with any of them, because I don’t go out. I don’t have “out” clothes, I have mom clothes. Disclaimer, I know it is possible to be a mom and have cute, going out clothes, I just don’t. I finally settle on an outfit and try to get my hair and make up done. This is usually around the time one child figures out I’m going to be gone for the night and one or both get upset at the idea of mom not being there for bed time. 

The time finally comes for me to leave and I’m exhausted. I think strongly about not going. I pry the crying child off myself, cry because she is crying… Leaving has now become a twenty minute ordeal. But, I finally leave. 

Girls night out is fun, and I know I need the time away, but it’s late. I get home, and even though my husband has given it his best effort to clean up, there’s still another twenty minutes of me picking up before it’s done. It’s easier to do this while the kids are sleeping than in the rush of the morning needs. I also still need to shower (because I’m a weirdo who can’t sleep without showering). 

It’s almost midnight as I crawl into bed. Chances are high someone will wake up in a couple of hours with a wet pull up that has soaked through. Chances are even higher that both of the girls will be ready to get the day started before the sun is up. I calculate my hours of possible sleep. Five. I think to myself, was this worth it? This scenario is what happens every time I go out in the evening.

That’s it. I’m giving up on girls night out. I want a “moms day away.” 

A day away. A FULL day.

This means waking up, getting ready, dressing in something comfortable (and possibly cute) for the day, and meeting a friend for an outing. All the while getting a break from the daily routine. I don’t care what happens throughout the day, as long as the kids are kept alive and they are fed at least once. Because you see, when I get home, I’m not exhausted.  I had a day without kids. I AM refreshed and ready to get the girls into bed (early, because of course they didn’t nap). Since they’re in bed early, I’m going to get to enjoy time with my husband, too. Ladies, a mom’s day away is a total win! 

Hairnets, check. Ready for the tea tour!

I know that getting a whole day away is hard to come by, but it’s worth making it happen from time to time.

Denver boasts so many options for daytime activities. My favorite mom’s day away was when a friend and I went to Boulder to the Celestial Seasonings tea tour. No children under five are allowed, so we really did get a complete break from kids.

This summer I would love to get out to do another mom’s day away centered around an outdoor activity. Hiking, paddle boarding, or maybe yoga in the park, all of these things sound awesome, and in Denver we are blessed to have so many outdoor options to choose from. 

Check out some other great “Best Friend Date” ideas here.

What’s your ideal mom’s day away? Or do you prefer a night on the town?


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