10 Things to Do {For Yourself} Before Baby Arrives


“Do something nice for yourself.” Sometimes I brush it off and sometimes I actually do it, but in the months leading up to your due date, this is so important!

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Pre-baby, we are inundated with lists of things to do before their arrival. Getting the nursery ready, packing your hospital bag, taking birthing classes, installing the carseat…yes, these are all things that do need to be done, but what is also important is to do some things for yourself before the baby comes (especially for first time moms). So between my own experiences and getting some thoughts from friends on what they wish they had done, here is my top 10 list of things to do FOR YOURSELF, before baby arrives.


Please, pleeeeease do this. Because there is limited time for relaxation during the first few months of mommy-hood. Take a prenatal yoga class or relax in a bath with essential oils (try lavender or clary sage). Invest time in yourself and slow down a little bit. Try not to schedule too much in a week. After all, your body is growing a human – give it a break!

Catch Up With Friends

Pregnancy is a great time for getting together, since some moms simply don’t feel like entertaining or getting out for some time after baby is born. When your every moment of sleep is precious, social outings may be beyond you. Enjoy (virgin) happy hours, lunches, and coffee dates with your friends, family, and coworkers.

Retail Therapy

While it’s not fun shopping for clothes right now, we mustn’t forget about a woman’s favorite pastime. Find some (ok, multiple) pajamas that are comfortable, easy to sleep in, and easy to nurse in, because likely you will be living in these for three months. If there is some new furniture you’ve been wanting for the house, now is the time. I decided that I wanted a new dining room table a month before my son was born. We needed a ‘family-friendly’ table, and I knew if I didn’t buy it then, it wouldn’t happen for a long time. And of course, when I brought this up to my husband, he said what (hopefully) every husband says to their 8-month pregnant wife: Yes, Dear.

Pamper Yourself / Spa and Hair Day

You want to look and feel good as soon as you can after having the baby, and having these things taken care of before the birth will set you up with the time you will need to focus on baby. When you feel like you’re living amongst chaos, you can say ‘well, at least my toes look marvelous!’ A prenatal massage is another way to reduce tiredness and relieve pregnancy aches. Make sure that you choose a therapist that can cater to your pregnant needs. I had two prenatal massages in the last couple months of pregnancy. One was magical – she surrounded me with fluffy pillows, so I felt like I was sleeping on clouds. The other had to scramble to find some flat hotel pillows to help prop me up. Make sure you know what you’re getting.

Take a Babymoon

Book a getaway for you and your partner to enjoy your relationship pre-baby. You don’t have to go far! Just get away from your house and technology and enjoy time together, away from everyday life. Sleep in, eat out, take naps, and do whatever else you enjoy doing together. Our Babymoon was at Devil’s Thumb Ranch in Granby, CO. We also snuck in some maternity photos while we were there (see photo above).

Indulge in Your Favorite Hobbies

Take a hike, read a good book (not baby related), indulge in your favorite foods, or just sit on the couch and catch up on some good TV.

Sleep, Sleep, Sleep

This one counts as two!! Take all the time you can to sleep in and take naps, because this will be your last opportunity for a very long time. I was off work for 2 weeks before my son was born. I remember feeling bad for telling my working friends I was just getting out of bed at 8am. WELL, don’t feel bad, my pregnant friends. You sleep all you want.

Take a Few Days Off Work

I really encourage this (see previous item). It gave me time to get everything in order around the house. Most importantly, it gave me time to DO NOTHING and relax.

Maternity/Bump Pictures

Life and pregnancy goes fast. You don’t have to take professional photos, but do take some pictures of your beautiful, pregnant self, so you can remember this time.

This is the last time in your life that everything will be about YOU. Be good to yourself and enjoy the last few months of doing whatever you want.

Moms, what else do you suggest doing before baby arrives?

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Jackie M. is mom to an adorable little boy, wife to David and dog-mom to the cutest German Shepherd around. She is an allergy mom, learning to navigate the various trials and tribulations ‘mom status’ brings to life. The good, the bad, and of course, the sometimes slightly ugly. In Jackie’s other life, she is the Marketing and Communications Director for a local Country Club. Jackie is ‘Miss DIY’ and has an Etsy shop {Fancy Flamingo} where she makes custom banners for life’s special occasions. Born and raised in the Midwest, Jackie is originally from Kansas City. She has called Colorado home since 2008, and loves experiencing all that this amazing state has to offer! A few or Jackie's favorite things include caramel lattes, clothes from Loft, M&Ms, a well organized craft room, taking too many pictures, exploring Colorado and the great outdoors, her husband’s cooking, and of course, the occasional time that she can spend on the couch.


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