Affordable, High Quality Childcare for Denver Area Families

We are so thankful to our friends at MyVillage for all of the amazing work they're doing to provide more accessible childcare in the Denver area. They've graciously sponsored this post so that we can share their vision with our community of Denver mamas.

For me, the struggle to find affordable, high quality childcare is personal. When I became a mom in 2016, I had no idea that I should have had my daughter on a waiting list while she was still in utero. I’ll never forget the guilt and panic I felt as I tried to navigate finding a high quality childcare setting where my daughter would be well cared for while I worked.

The co-founders of MyVillage, Erica and Beth. Beth is from Boulder!

My experience is not uncommon in the Denver area.

This common struggle to find high quality, affordable infant and toddler care is what led my co-founder, Elizabeth Szymanski of Boulder, and me to start MyVillage. MyVillage currently has several childcare and early learning programs across Colorado and many more on track to open in Denver and the surrounding area later this summer. It’s exciting to see how fast our network of in-home educators is growing across the Denver community.

A Growing Childcare Community in the Denver Area

Photo of child care center
Jennifer Gott, Owner and Head Educator of Early Discovery Child Care located in Denver’s Montbello neighborhood.

Jennifer Gott owns and operates Early Discovery Child Care in Denver out of her home in the Montbello neighborhood. She has an associate’s degree in early childhood education and was drawn to MyVillage after working in larger childcare settings. She loves the home-based approach because it fosters deeper connections between young children, families and the educator.

“Watching children reach their full potential while they explore and learn new things is the best,” Jennifer says. “I love that moment when it just ‘clicks,’ and you can tell they are so proud of what they just learned.”

Jennifer appreciates that MyVillage makes all aspects of operating her in-home childcare business easier. She loves the sense of community she feels from her mentor and the fast-growing MyVillage network of other fellow educators.

Photo of child care provider with children
Delfina Gonzalez, Owner and Head Educator of Grow and Learn Child Care in Lakewood.

Delfina Gonzalez, who has 17 years experience working with children, is one of MyVillage’s newest educators in Lakewood. She is opening and operating our first bilingual program in Colorado, Grow and Learn Child Care, early this summer. She is actively touring and enrolling new families now.

“I was searching for the opportunity to open my own at-home daycare for many years,” Delfina says. “I came across MyVillage at the perfect time. All of the ladies I have met and worked with at MyVillage have been of great support throughout the whole process.”

Turning Passion into a Meaningful Career

Since 2017, MyVillage has helped women like Jennifer and Delfina turn their passion for kids into a rewarding career. Our in-home educators benefit from flexibility, more time with their own families, and the ability to be their own boss—all while earning great income for their families.

Jennifer’s Early Discovery Childcare program in Montbello, Delfina’s soon-to-open Grow and Learn Childcare program in Lakewood, and Yemi’s program Shining Little Lights in nearby Aurora are three women-owned, high quality MyVillage programs currently serving families in the Denver area. MyVillage Educators say they appreciate the flexibility that owning and running their own in-home childcare business provides. This includes being able to care for their own families while still having a meaningful career where they can earn up to $66,000 a year.

This matters because right now the childcare system isn’t working for anyone. Childcare providers make notoriously low wages for a really important job. Plus, infant and toddler childcare options that are available are largely unaffordable for regular working families.

The Early Milestones Colorado study by the University of Denver and Brodsky Research and Consulting found that the cost of high-quality care is prohibitive for many Colorado families. One year of center-based care for an infant or toddler costs 44% more than one year of public college tuition in Colorado. Those are difficult numbers to swallow.

MyVillage already has more than 30 programs across Colorado and Montana and is growing quickly in the Mile High City and the surrounding areas. Watch this video to learn the story behind MyVillage and what makes our community of in-home educators so exceptional.

Interested in Starting a Program?

If you are interested in the freedom and flexibility that comes with owning an in-home childcare business through MyVillage, we’d love to hear from you. Our proven process can get your business up and running in three months.

MyVillage’s experienced team pairs you with an expert mentor, walks you through the licensing process and provides marketing to help fill your program with awesome families. We set you up with the business tools, technology and support you need to run a thriving childcare program from home. And, best of all, our team at MyVillage has your back from day one.

Looking for Childcare?

If you are looking for childcare, check out one of the MyVillage’s exceptional Colorado programs. We will be opening more programs soon in the Denver area. Schedule a tour today to meet any one of these wonderful MyVillage educators and see why parents rave about them.

It takes a village to raise a child. We are honored to be a part of yours in Denver and beyond.


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