Life Before 8 am {Allie}


“See and appreciate the significance in the mundane, in the everyday, in the fleeting.The big moments are important, but some of the best moments are the in-between ones.” – Karen Jacot Photography

The night before Karen came to our house to photograph our life before 8am, I tried to get my 3-year-old son to wear his adorable moose pajamas for the next day. I was excited for real life photos, but of course, we at least were going to look cuter than usual :). As 3- year-olds do, my son had other ideas and insisted on wearing his new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle pajamas. “Resistance is futile” is my parenting motto for situations like this, so I relented. I’m so glad we have these precious pictures from Karen, TMNT pajamas and all. We spent almost the whole time in pajamas and making forts on a lazy Saturday morning, and it usually drives me a bit crazy that we never have couch cushions, you know, ON our couch, but here’s the thing: My son’s pajamas already have holes in the bottom from wear, and one day, our couch will be perfectly put together again and my heart will long for those lazy Saturday mornings where the only care in the world was how to make the perfect fort….

Life Before 8 am {Allie R.} | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Our days usually start well before 8am, around 7. I already have my coffee, because as I tell my son, “I can’t Mom yet” until I have some. 😉 Also see: The Ninja turtle jams.


We do a little tv watching until Sister wakes up


Sister is up, and the first thing big brother does is jump right in the crib with her. She’s thrilled, can’t you tell?


Always needing to be held.


Relaxing as a family and getting all the cushions off the couch for fort making time.


Time to start getting ingredients ready for pancakes.


My handsome little helper.



Oh, the love I have for these three!


Time to eat. This was a fun day to remember, too. It was baby girl’s first time eating pancakes!


Pure fort making glee.


Daddy/daughter. I’m already saving this picture for her wedding.


Adding a light saber to make a rocket…



And the final masterpiece.

Thank you, Karen, for perfectly capturing our little family before 8am. We are forever grateful to have these pictures!

For more pictures and a peek into Karen’s perspective of this Life Before 8am shoot, be sure to check out her post here. And don’t forget to check out the rest of the posts in this amazing series as well!
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Allie is a Denver transplant from the frozen tundra known as Wisconsin. She and her husband have loved building a life here in the Metro area and are the parents to two great kids: a sweet and rambunctious toddler boy and newborn baby daughter. As a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Education and English/Language Arts, she is passionate about teaching kids to love learning (and especially books!). She's a self-proclaimed "bookworm" and is set to launch Stacks and Shelves- a blog with all sorts of bookish recommendations in the coming months. Aside from mothering, Allie is involved with her awesome church, loves girls' nights and iced coffee, and binge watching Netflix with her husband after the parenting torture known as the bedtime routine commences for the evening. Twitter: @allierasmussen Instagram: @allierasmussen1


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