Contributor Spotlight: Meet Dani


Dani N. is an amazing new DMMB contributor and she is already publishing some AWESOME content! This busy, outspoken, fun, foodie mama has taken the time to tell us all about her #momlife . . .

Contributor Spotlight: Meet Dani | DMMB

Kid situation?: One super-fun, awesome, little, (almost) 2 year old.

Job situation?: SAHM, Floral Designer, Therapist (retired for now)

Native? Or “Not so Native”?: Schenectady, NY/ Glendale, AZ. Denverite since 2003

{Besides being an awesome DMMB Contributor } What are your passions?: People, relationships, and loving people well.

When you’re not in full on mom mode, what do you enjoy doing?: Cooking, reading, NOT shopping, digging into relationships and life with my favorite people, learning, gardening, traveling, and NEVER skiing (if i can help it).

What’s your tagline?: Yikes….I mean well? Being from a very outspoken family although I’m trying to love others well, I’m a work in progress and sometimes, I’m too harsh, or too quick to speak, or not nearly thoughtful enough about how my words might be received. But you can always count on me being honest…maybe to a fault.

Any indulgences?: Chocolate, social media, and sweet wine!

What’s the tile of your autobiography?: Ball of dehydration

What is your spirit animal?: I think it has to be a goat. They eat everything and make delicious milk (I also have this ability). And they can be little and cute. And very loud.

What’s the one thing you NEVER leave the house without?: My phone

What’s the strangest thing in your purse?: Nothing. I have no purse…probably a gift card with .73 on it that I don’t know is there but would never part with because…..73 cents!

What’s your greatest fear?: THE PERFECT BITE. Every meal has a perfect bite. Every bite (albeit NOT perfect) is strategically placed in pursuit of the perfect bite, the MOST perfect bite, and culminating of course in the LAST perfect bite. It’s exhausting…but necessary.

hat’s your favorite smell?: the earthy, dirty, musty smell of cellars…

Describe your mom style: Attachment/connected parenting– and trying like hell not to yell at my kid.

What do you most love about being a mother?: Watching this tiny person explore, learn and grow into his world.

What is your most treasured material possession?: My bed

What’s your secret to balancing it all?: There’s no secret. I’m not balancing it. Ask my friends….I’m just barely starting to figure it out.

Favorite metro activities for kiddos?: We love exploring the Littleton historical museum/farm. There are great farm animals you can actually see up close and lots of dirt, and gardens you can explore, and it’s free (donation only).

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