Contributor Spotlight: Meet Lauren K.


Meet Lauren | Denver Metro Moms BlogLauren K. sat down to give us all the details on her #momlife – here’s a peek into what makes this creative, coffee lovin’, expectant mom tick!

Kid situation?: Two boys, ages 3 and 1. And one girl still cooking, due on Christmas.

Job situation?: I’m a SAHM who wishes she could get paid to decorate her house. Decor is my jam.

Native? Or “Not so Native”?: Grew up in Dallas and left when I married a guy who loved the mountains. We’ve lived here 5 years!

Describe your mom style: I’m a pretty laid back, no bull mom who runs at a very low volume. I don’t need to stay busy all the time,

{Besides being an awesome DMMB Contributor } What are your passions?: Coffee and wine. Two of the greatest influences on my happiness. And brunching.

When you’re not in full on mom mode, what do you enjoy doing?: I love a good workout class, good book, happy hour with my friends and date night with my husband.

What’s your tagline or mantra?: Tagline: Calm in chaos. Mantra: Nothing is ever that big of a deal

Any indulgences?: Wine! Duh. And Dove dark chocolates.

Favorite metro activities for kiddos?: Parks! Denver has the most amazing park system I have ever seen! We like to visit parks all over the metro area. Our favorites are Westland Park and Observatory Park.

What’s your spirit animal?: Is there a spirt animal that cleans the house every day? I’d want to be that one. Like Tabitha from Bewitched who could wiggle her nose and make things happen. I’d be that lady, but for deep cleaning.

What’s the one thing you NEVER leave the house without?: A bottle of water. I get really thirsty.

What’s the strangest thing in your purse?: Strangest thing in my purse right now is an old newborn onesie!. I kept it in there just in case my son had a blowout and needed a change. He’s now one, and I can’t bring myself to pull it out. It’s so sentimental! Reminds me of, ya know, the newborn days when you don’t sleep, your boobs hurt and your body isn’t your own. Such a beautiful, special time, am I right?!

What does your typical Saturday look like?: Sleeping in while the hubs gets up with the kids. Ahhhh…

What do you most love about being a mother?: I am right where I am supposed to be. Born to be here. I love that feeling of 100% contentment. Except for when I haven’t slept and the baby is up at 1, 3 and 5am. I don’t so much like it then. But overall, it’s a beautiful privilege to raise children.

What is your favorite smell?: Fresh brewed coffee! Do you see a theme here?

What is your most treasured material possession? This is easy. My Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer. It’s a game changer.

Any strange or funny fears?: I get itchy when I see bumper stickers with stick figures. Like a man, woman and four dogs. It drives me nuts.

What’s your secret to balancing it all?: Hah! What’s that word mean? In the season I’m in of raising multiple young children balance is quite the challenge. I don’t have a secret, because I don’t do it well! And I’m okay with that. Seasons change.

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