Contributor Spotlight: Meet Megan!


Megan G gives us the scoop on her #momlife and her passion for karaoke!

Meet Megan: DMMB Contributor Spotlight

Kid Situation: “One lovely step daughter, age 7 going on 16”

Hometown: “I’m from Wichita, Kansas, originally, and made a break for the mountains in 2007.”

Job Situation: “I’m a Licensed Professional Counselor, and I work full time in the Behavioral Health field.”

I’m passionate about… “my little family, writing, Jesus, and people.”

When I’m not in “mom mode”… “I have an immeasurable love for karaoke, I could walk around an antique mall all day, I love reading, baking pumpkin cookies, Zumba, decorating, un-decorating, and redecorating my home, and doing crafts. “

My tagline is . . . “‘Take a deep breath – and do the next right thing.”

My favorite indulgence is . . . “My husband’s Mac’n’Cheese. Hands down.”

I never leave the house without . . . “A bottle of water or my phone”

Here’s what’s in my purse right now . . . “Wallet, phone, keys, lip balm for days, and Gushers. The key to any successful outing is to always, always have snacks.”

Our typical Saturday looks like… “A nice leisurely morning, sitting around with coffee (pancakes for the small person) – then we love to open all the windows, blast some good music and pull our lives together from the busy week with some cleaning and organizational type activities.”

What I most love about being a mother is . . . “Bedtime. I treasure this time – to sit with my girl, read whatever chapter book we’re into together, and sing our lullabies. It is my absolute favorite.”

My secret to balancing it all is… “Wait, people balance it all? That’s a thing? My best advice is to be discerning with your “yesses” and generous with your “no’s.” Know when to cut things out that are creating stress and taking time away from your family or the things you value. Know when to say yes to new opportunities that are life-giving. Re-set that balance ALL. THE. TIME.”

My mom style is… “Yoga pants whenever possible.”

My favorite smell is . . . “Cinnamon.”

There’s this weird thing about me . . . “Sleepwalkers and Roomba’s make me more uncomfortable than the average person, probably. And I will never not dance when the Cupid Shuffle comes on.”

My favorite things to do in the metro area are . . . “We love to explore new parks, try new restaurants, see a movie at Alamo Drafthouse, and go to concerts together whenever possible.”

We’re having so much fun with Megan on the #DMMBContributorTeam and hope you’re loving her posts as much as we are!


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