Creating A Bulletproof Summer Schedule in 5 Steps


Summer Schedule

It’s that time of year again! Flowers are starting to bloom and the grass is slowly turning back to green. I am tightly crossing my fingers in hopes that we have had our last snow of the season and I have already worn shorts and flip flops at least once. Summer is upon us and that means getting geared up and ready for school breaks.

Having the kids back at home full time is always tough for the first few weeks but with a killer plan in place, the break in period will be a thing of the past. Why wait to get the plans in place that will turn this summer into the family event of the year?

I offer you 5 easy steps to get the ball rolling and the ideas flowing.

Step 1- Family Meeting

I know, we all pretty much hate family meetings but it’s necessary to get all the ideas on the table and out in the open. No idea to too crazy, all ideas welcome and encouraged. You never know what your kids will come up with. If it’s something outrageous try to find a local/budget friendly alternative. No kid wants to sit around all summer doing nothing, so let them know in advance what the plan is and what their jobs are. Ask them to bring 5 activities to the table or be ready to talk about their summer goals. Pizza helps.

Step 2 – Do a little Research

Get online and find out the prices and days/times that things are open. There might be additional goings on that would interests your kids like festivals, kids concerts, classes, free days, etc. This will help when you go to put a plan in place. In addition to activities, find out if there are summer reading goals or requirements that you child needs to keep on top of, you’ll want to add this to your plan once you get everything laid out.

Step 3 – Fill in your Calendar

This step has several components but is the most important in the long run. First, fill in the activities that you already have scheduled such as vacations, birthday parties, camps, out of town guests, etc. This will give you an idea of how many days you have left to work with. Then start filling in the activities your family talked about. If you have a nanny keep in mind the days that you have help. Small activities like going to the pool, checking out a new playground/park, and riding bikes to get ice cream, can be repeated as needed. Bigger activities should be spread out to 1 per week or so. Don’t forget to add times and days for some academics if needed. It’s SO much easier to get it done if it’s on the calendar.

Step 4 – Spread the Word

Put an email together to your friends or other parents. Invite them to tag along to the activities and ask if they know of any additions that you could add to the list/calendar. You may even get an invite from them to take your kid for an afternoon! If you get a good response find out about group discounts or carpooling. It’s always more fun with friends.

Step 5 – HAVE FUN!

The second that school bell rings and school is officially out, you will be ready with a plan in place. Go for it and have the best summer yet!

What are your summer plans?

Need some suggestions? Check out our favorite local parks, the Denver Zoo, or some of our other favorite family friendly activities in the metro area!

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