Last Summer As An Only Child



Life as she knows it is going to change forever. Her time as an only child is expiring at the end of the summer and I want to make this an incredible one for her.

Although she’ll never remember it, I want her to feel like this summer was made for her. I’m holding back the tears at the thought of it no longer being just, us but in the same moment jumping for joy at the thought of giving her a little sister/forever friend. So what in the world would I want to do if I could comprehend that I was about to get a sibling soon? I figured going on as many adventures with her and documenting the fun would do just that, so I’ve come up with a bucket list of our last summer as a family of three.

Pool time will be a must!

Soaking up the sun in (preferably) matching swim suits is what I imagine. Mommy and me outfits are the cutest and we better take advantage now before we look ridiculous, because three would be too much, no?

0001-256592774Picnics in the park.

Family time as a party of three will take priority this summer, as we will soon learn our new normal. We cannot wait to get out and enjoy the summer Denver weather.

Play dates galore!

Although I’m sure we’ll have play dates after baby girl comes along (and I’ll be dying to get out of the house) they won’t be the same. Because let’s face it, I will be a mess the first few times going out with two kids. I can see it now, trying to breastfeed one while the other is being entirely too friendly with strangers. Most likely singing and dancing for them. So while I have it all together, we’ll hang with her “girlfriends,” as she calls them, and get our last few lessons on sharing before her life will become sharing.

Last summer as an only childPainting her nails and toes every chance I get.

We have recently moved into the phase of wanting our toes painted and being very choosy about the color. Refusing to let me wash her feet in the bath tub for fear of taking it off. I will try my hardest to keep this up, but now while she has all of my time, I will paint and blow and repaint (because she wiggled her toes) until her heart is content.

Giving her my undivided attention.

I am so guilty of completely zoning out sometimes and letting things that are not important take up my time. Soon my attention will be drawn away from her for a completely different reason and not one that I can change. So for now, I will make the effort to change the things that I can. Nailing down potty training wouldn’t be such a bad idea either.

I know that she will never remember this summer and all I’ll have is photos and memories to share with her, but I need this for me, too. I know that being a mom of two is going to be different. Time management will take on a whole new meaning and my life will forever be changed. I will take the time this summer to tell her how much I love her and how much she means to me. She will know how great things are going to be, once she is promoted to big sister. I hope to make her really excited about our family’s future and be confident about her role. This Mama will also make sure she gets her nails done and has some hot dates with Dad this summer!


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