Life Before 8am {Leah H.}


“See and appreciate the significance in the mundane, in the everyday, in the fleeting. The big moments are important, but some of the best moments are the in-between ones.” – Karen Jacot Photography

When I heard about the Before 8am series, I thought the idea was such a great one, but maybe just not for me and my family. We’d be too boring. But that was exactly the point, us doing our normal, not-thrilling thing we do in the morning. Not getting ready for an exotic vacation or even a trip to the mountains. This is what we do most mornings and capturing this meant the world to me. I felt a little self conscious being in this “in between” in our lives. Going from a traveling family moving every few months for my work, only bringing what we could fit in a small Uhaul to deciding to stay put. The futon I hate and crap coffee machine that is way over due for a date with the dumpster, but this is where we are, the “in between” and I’ll praise God while we’re here and cherish every moment.



Catching a few minutes to myself before my daughter wakes up. My husband is off to work hours before we get our day started, we love that for now his office is steps away. Most mornings I am awakened by her talking and standing in her crib patiently (and sometimes not so patiently) waiting.0001-169564644My favorite part of her waking up is her handing me every blanket that lines her crib and her Minnie Mouse before reaching for me to pick her up.

0001-169567075The only way brushing her teeth isn’t a fight is if I take a turn and she takes a turn, not a beloved morning routine.

0001-169568161I wish we were being paid by Disney because Minnie is in EVERY photo!!!


It won’t be just the two of us forever, but I thank God for every moment He gives just the two of us.


I am a full time working mom, but my work allows me to spend 4-full days at home with my family and it is incredible. Everyday that I am off, I cook a full breakfast, mainly because cereal won’t cut it for me and it’s my favorite meal of the day!


Mickey Mouse Clubhouse always helps us wait patiently. Cut the check Disney.


My hard working hubby stops in for a breakfast break, this time it was a to go plate. Camera shy?

0001-169677997Pancakes and bacon for the win.


We don’t need syrup as an excuse to “wash hands,” but it sure is a good one. I wonder if all kids of nurses love to wash their hands as much as this one.

0001-169679627After breakfast and armed with spoons, her quest to make the living room a sea of toys begins. It will look NOTHING like this by the end of the night.

0001-169680211Survival tip #1 for being my kid, withstanding over a million kisses during your lifetime.


0001-169695435After painting with some friends (her new hobby), our living room walls are now adorned with her Picasso like pieces of art, over top Mickey Mouse’s face of course.

0001-169691503As much as I talk about being over apartment living, I’ve got to say, I am sure I will miss this view.

Though we have a long day ahead with dancing, singing, a melt down because we don’t want to take off our Minnie Mouse pj’s, and convincing her that she really does need to take a nap, I wouldn’t trade these kind of days for the world. The days where our biggest plans are going to go to the grocery store or making a Target run. Though in the thick of it, these days seem to never end, I LOVE the quote “the days are long but the years are short.” I am so grateful to Karen for giving us the opportunity to have these memories of our life before 8am, ones that will last much longer than our futon!

For more pictures and a peek into Karen’s perspective of this Life Before 8am shoot, be sure to check out her post here. And don’t forget to check out the rest of the posts in this amazing series as well!
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Leah is a Florida girl and moving to Colorado has been a shock to her flip-flops. Her adventures as a travel nurse have landed her here in Denver with a permanent position at the children’s hospital. She is here with her dancing queen two year old and husband of five years. They are big travelers and her daughter has even collected a couple of stamps in her passport already. Leah has been blogging for three years at MrsHazleyAndABaby and really enjoys blogging as her creative outlet. She has a passion for her faith in Christ and loves singing on her church’s worship team. Snowboarding has become a new hobby and she will soon add renovating an old Denver home to her list of great things to do with a two year old. She is really excited to create a sense of community with other moms in the Denver metro area



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