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See and appreciate the significance in the mundane, in the everyday, in the fleeting. The big moments are important, but some of the best moments are the in-between ones.”– Karen Jacot Photography

I have to admit I was a little nervous to have Karen come to our house and photograph our before 8am morning routine. My daughter Charlotte is almost three and at the age where anything she doesn’t want to do is met with a resounding, “NO!” Everything seems to be a struggle these days, from sitting on the potty in the morning to brushing teeth and changing out of pajamas. She has very specific ideas of what she wants to eat in the morning and if I make her something she doesn’t want, she pushes it away and refuses to eat. My husband’s take on the whole idea was that he hoped Karen liked to photograph train wrecks.

Suffice it to say, the Sunday morning Karen arrived before 8am, she must have brought a little magic in the door with her…

Life Before 8am : Natalie | Denver Metro Moms BlogSunday is my only day off and the only time I don’t have to wake up early because of flying as a flight attendant or teaching as a fitness instructor. Charlotte wasn’t awake yet, so I had time to make coffee and drink it hot!

Life Before 8am : Natalie | Denver Metro Moms BlogOur Vizsla, Bebe, loves sleeping under the covers. Sunday is everyone’s day to relax around here.

Life Before 8am : Natalie | Denver Metro Moms BlogGetting ideas for my next adventures.

Life Before 8am : Natalie | Denver Metro Moms BlogWhen my daughter is particularly good, my husband and I refer to her as “angel baby.” This morning, the sweet angel actually slept in to the point where we had to gently wake her up. They look so sweet when they sleep, don’t they?

Life Before 8am : Natalie | Denver Metro Moms BlogOur dog looks like she could use more coffee in her life, as well.

Life Before 8am : Natalie | Denver Metro Moms BlogPotty training has been the main event at our house as of late. I admit I bribe my daughter to sit on the potty by allowing her to play with my makeup, to which she’s taken a keen interest.

Life Before 8am : Natalie | Denver Metro Moms BlogChoosing her eye shadow wisely. I don’t let her play with my makeup every day, so it’s a special treat for her.

Life Before 8am : Natalie | Denver Metro Moms BlogA little clear lip gloss to finish the look.

Life Before 8am : Natalie | Denver Metro Moms BlogThere was no struggle on this day to get dressed and no begging to wear her Kangaroo halloween costume, which is another big deal in the house lately.

1-31-16-natalie-125Sunday’s are pancake day for us. I know they don’t take very long to make, but somehow the extra effort of mixing, flipping, and syrup make them too much of a hassle for me to make on the daily. My mom will make pancakes for my daughter every morning when she comes in town, so Charlotte is constantly asking to make them. I also have to remind her every time that the griddle is hot and not to touch.

1-31-16-natalie-127In charge of blueberry quality control.

Life Before 8am : Natalie | Denver Metro Moms BlogKingsley is the member of our family not too many people know about because he’s usually sleeping or hunting outside. He thinks he’s a dog so he sits and begs like one.

Life Before 8am : Natalie | Denver Metro Moms BlogI’m not much of a cook, but I love making breakfast and having Charlotte involved in the process.

Life Before 8am : Natalie | Denver Metro Moms BlogOur kitchen is small, so my husband and I divide and conquer the breakfast food items when it comes to cooking.

Life Before 8am : Natalie | Denver Metro Moms BlogWe love this table clip on high chair! Charlotte can sit with us at the table.

Life Before 8am : Natalie | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Life Before 8am : Natalie | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Life Before 8am : Natalie | Denver Metro Moms BlogVizslas are often called “Velcro dogs” because they are always by your side. In this case Bebe is standing by in case I can’t finish my food.

Life Before 8am : Natalie | Denver Metro Moms BlogI’m the cleaner of the house because my husband is generally the chef, so after breakfast he entertained Charlotte while I did the dishes. Sunday’s are also the one day we try not to turn on the television at all until the afternoon, so we read or play games in the morning instead.

Life Before 8am : Natalie | Denver Metro Moms BlogPart of my love of writing came from a love of reading. I try to encourage this for my daughter, like my grandmother did for me.

1-31-16-natalie-155Since I don’t teach any classes on Sunday, I like to get my yoga stretching in at my house. Charlotte has recently taken an interest in my practice and uses it as an open invitation to climb on me like I’m a jungle gym. If you’ve never tried crow pose with a child on your back, you are missing out on an experience.

Life Before 8am : Natalie | Denver Metro Moms Blog“Momma, I want to fly!”

Life Before 8am : Natalie | Denver Metro Moms BlogAfter our home yoga practice, our dog was ready for her exercise, so we bundled up and headed out for a walk. Charlotte has become fiercely independent and prefers to put on her own shoes and jacket.

Life Before 8am : Natalie | Denver Metro Moms BlogMy kind of exercise on a Sunday! There had been a light dusting of snow that morning so a few extra layers were required. Having a dog and a child always motivates me to get outside and take advantage of the day beyond our walls, even if it requires a little extra work.

We moved houses about two years ago, when Charlotte was little and there are times when I miss our old place and neighborhood. We had a park we could walk to at the dead end of our street and it would have been perfect for Charlotte. Sometimes I miss that house, but seeing the photographs that Karen took of our family remind me that a house is just four walls that contain all the love that resides inside. I hope Charlotte looks back at these pictures someday and is reminded of the place where she learned how to read and ride a bike. We may not live at this address forever, but we will always have these ordinary moments that made up an extraordinary life.

For more pictures and a peek into Karen’s perspective of this Life Before 8am shoot, be sure to check out her post here. And don’t forget to check out the rest of the posts within this amazing series as well!
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Natalie is a self-proclaimed vampire who spends her nights at her office at 38,000 feet as a flight attendant and days mothering daughter Charlotte in-between teaching cycle, yoga and barre classes. Being a working mom who also has the luxury of being home during the day has its own set of challenges which Natalie happily meets with the help of coffee and wine. She’s lived in Colorado ten years and been married since 2009 to a husband who happily indulges her love of biking (with baby) to breweries around town. Because flying three days a week and teaching 12 classes around town couldn’t possibly fill up all her time, Natalie also busies herself camping and hiking 14ers. Her daughter has only made it up Mount Evans and the Manitou Springs Incline with her but Natalie’s lifetime goal is to hike the remaining 16 of the 58 14,000 foot peaks in Colorado. You can regularly find her blogging about her travel adventures at Her website features free fitness videos for busy moms plus both local and international yoga retreats that she organizes and leads year round. The flying for free Magee’s currently live in Arvada with their naughty vizsla named Bebe and panther of a cat, Kingsley.


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