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Products We Love, Made in the USA | DMMBHow much did you love the Olympics this year?! Two weeks for all things patriotic: watching our athletes, national pride, cheering with every gold medal win, and drinking Coors Light while waving around American flags made in….China?!

Last week I cleaned out our playroom and was only somewhat surprised to learn that the majority of our toys and other miscellaneous baby gear were produced in faraway countries like China and India. I understand it from a business stand point. Production is cheaper in these countries, which allows businesses to compete by offering products at the lowest possible price point. But I’m willing to pay a bit more for products made in the USA knowing that these companies create jobs and have a smaller carbon footprint.

Here are some businesses I’ve discovered that design and produce fabulous products for baby and mama, right here in the USA!


June and January

Products We Love, Made in the USA | DMMB

This Utah based company makes fun children’s clothing in lots of bright colors, like “wasabi” and “bubblegum”. We have several of their swing dresses, which are great all year long- just pair them with their thick cotton tights in the cooler months. I often find myself reaching for our J&J pieces in the morning because they are easy to mix and match and made of a soft, stretchy cotton.


Products We Love, Made in the USA | DMMB









This woman-founded, women-run, women’s clothing company is based in New York and designs and manufactures all their gorgeous clothing in NYC. Their clothes are PERFECT for the professional, on-the-go mom – and many pieces are even machine washable (all the praise hands)! Their clothes are cut for real women and many are even bump-friendly! DMMB’s founder is a fan, and we think you will be too!

Sonnet James

Products We Love, Made in the USA | DMMB

This women’s clothing company is based on San Francisco and makes “play dresses for playful moms.” Although pricey, their quality and ethical production practices are worth the extra cost, especially knowing you’re supporting a company right here in the USA.

Monpetite Shoes

Products We Love, Made in the USA | DMMB

These hand-made leather oxfords and T-straps with soft soles are perfect for beginning walkers and beyond. They are cute, durable, and most importantly, they stay on!

Two Crows for Joy

Products We Love, Made in the USA | DMMB

Organic, sustainable, quality products for little ones – babies through the bigger kiddos. The retailer’s own brand, Adooka is sewn in Philadelphia, and all other brands’ products are made in the USA.

Skin Care and Make-Up


Products We Love, Made in the USA | DMMB







This Colorado based company creates all natural herbal products for breastfeeding, pregnancy, and birth. I don’t think I would have survived the first few months postpartum without their nipple cream.

Mineral Fusion

Products We Love, Made in the USA | DMMB

This Denver based company began in 2007 and has grown to be one of the leaders in mineral-based skin care over the past several years. Their make-up and skin care is all natural and free of ­gluten, parabens, phthalates, and synthetic fragrances. I have fallen in love with every single product I have tried, especially their liquid concealer and 3-in-1 color stick.

Earth Mama Angel Baby

Products We Love, Made in the USA | DMMB







Earth Mama Angel Baby features products that are toxin-free, vegan, gluten-free, certified organic, cruelty free, and made in the USA. These products are for moms and little ones at all stages – pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, and beyond.



Products We Love, Made in the USA | DMMB

This toddler dish ware company based in Winter Park, Florida was founded by a husband and wife team and produces plates, cups, and silverware made from recycled milk jugs. Their products are light, durable, and free of harmful chemicals. We especially love their divided plates and snack stackers.

Dyl Bug

Products We Love, Made in the USA | DMMB

This Salt Lake City based company was founded by a graphic designer mom in an effort to encourage children to eat healthy food. Each plate can be personalized to look like a specific child, and the possibilities for “dressing” the plates are endless. (Think broccoli pom-poms and blueberry earrings.) The company also sells cutters, placemats, and paper goods.


Green Toys

Products We Love, Made in the USA | DMMB[1]

This toy company is based in California and specializes in a variety of toys, including vehicles, play kitchen products, and bath toys. Each toy is made from recycled plastic and mineral-based food coloring. Even their packaging is green- the company won We have several of their toys, but our favorite is by far the “Build-a-Bouquet”.

Bannor Toys

Products We Love, Made in the USA | DMMB

This wooden toy company based out of Iowa was created by husband and wife team. Each toy is handcrafted from quality wood and only organic paint and finishes are used. Bannor toys is known for their personalized wooden name blocks and state rattles, but they also sell children’s furniture, teethers, and puzzles.

Bags and Gear

Better Life Bags

Products We Love, Made in the USA | DMMB

This former Etsy shop is based near Detroit, Michigan, USA and does much more than just make beautiful leather bags. They hire women with various barriers to employment and help them build a “better life” through employment. Each bag comes with the name of the woman who hand made your bag so that you can know exactly who you are helping through your purchase. The build-your-own-bag tool provides hundreds of different customizable options so that you can create the perfect bag that fits your individual needs and lifestyle.

Action Baby Carriers

Products We Love, Made in the USA | DMMB

Most popular baby carriers aren’t produced in the USA, but Action Baby Carriers is a family fun company based out of Detroit. They offer baby and toddler carriers in fun, bright patterns. Each day a different pattern is offered at a twenty percent discount as part of their “deal of the day.”

Mamoo Kids

Products We Love, Made in the USA | DMMB






These natural, cotton bags for kids are made in Oakland, California. These adorable bags and backpacks are made specifically for toddlers and children. The bags are handmade of 100% natural fibers and are sure to please your little ones!


What are some of your “Made in the USA” products? Share with us so we can add to our list!


  1. FYI June and January are now being produced in China, I myself was disappointed when I found this out, just wanted to let you know.


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