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Mom guilt. It’s something that is so incredibly real. I have the hardest time taking care of myself without a slight feeling of guilt. I mean, even the dog eats breakfast before I do. Between packing lunches, driving to activities, working, and everything else, it’s hard to find time for self-care. Everything feels complicated, and I find myself dying to simplify things.  

This past summer, I did a lot of thinking, and finding little things to implement a better self-care process. These actions and items have in turn helped me relax, and be me, so that I can be a great momma bear.  These tips are simple, so simple, great start to a healthier, happier, more whole life!

Essential Oils

I used essential oils years ago, stopped for awhile, and recently re-introduced them back into life. Oils have a wide variety of uses, including support for stress, anxiety reduction, and improved overall well-being.

What I love most about oils is that they’re a project that I feel really great about. Transitioning my household to a chemical-less (were not chemical free, yet), learning about the health benefits, and making myself feel less stressed with better rest and emotional support is invaluable.

There are tons of brands and you should find one that works for you, but I love Young Living. Whether you are looking for sleep support (yay-lavender!), anxiety support (orange, valor, peace & calming, and stress away), or wellness as we are entering germ-y season (Thieves and Purification), jump in. You’ll be surprised how something so little can make you feel so much better!

Take a Trip! – Near or far

My husband and I always take a quick anniversary getaway at the beginning of September. I’ll admit, it’s hard leaving the kids . . . and don’t even get my started on my anxiety around flying (that is a post entirely in its own). But, we find somewhere and go, just the two of us. Of course, we make sure that the kiddos are in good hands with grandma or family friend, so they love the time off too.

Once I get over that hump of preparing to get out of town, we jet off. A favorite spot for us is Vegas. The flight is short (and sometimes free, thanks credit card miles!), and it’s easy to keep in touch with texts and calls.

Once we’re gone, we realize how important our little getaway is. Spending an entire day with just your spouse, while knowing your kiddos are in capable hands, is honestly one of the best feelings in the world. We always come back refreshed.

Make that time (even if it’s a day), and GO! You won’t regret reconnecting with your partner, or refreshing yourself.

Make a Wellness Plan –  Focus on health and nutrition

I struggle with this one and its not a surprise. I can eat healthy, but have yo-yo’ed with my diet for years. But here’s the plain and simple truth, eating healthy and maintaining any sort of exercise regime is important to your well-being.

Force yourself to go on that long walk/run, join a challenge, scour the internet for a plethora of resources. I recently stumbled across this exercise regime, Bodies After Baby, that is challenging, but not in the way that you want to curl up and never work out again. These exercises focus on healing and postpartum fitness, which is what I need.  The best part, I do the videos right from home. Perfect for nap time or those days you just can’t get out.  I also recently committed to The Whole Life Challenge. It’s an 8-week program where you work on healthy habits; nutrition, exercise, mobility, sleep, hydration, lifestyle improvements and daily reflection.  

Find an eating, workout, or wellness plan that works for you! There’s no need to start drastic, even a brisk walk each day and more water will make you feel better – promise!

Learn Shortcuts and Make a Game Plan

Finding better ways to accomplish time consuming tasks will free you up to invest your time in something more rewarding!

One of my current favorite time savers? ClickList from King Soopers! Seriously, ordering my groceries online, selecting my pickup time, and dropping by to grab ALL my groceries without ever setting foot in the store . . . AMAZING! Bonus tip, make sure to utilize their ClickList selected coupons for some great savings and free products. 

Another great shortcut to simplify things? Try making a schedule of school lunches at the beginning of the week. Do all your shopping and prep on Sunday evening, and then pack lunches the evening before.  

Other meal prep ideas? Use your crockpot! (they’re amazing, and my go-to chicken recipe is here!). Make a list of easy meals to please your family and keep them in your go-to list! Invest in a coffee maker with a timer so that it starts brewing when you’re waking up. Coming to your kitchen with fresh coffee is a great feeling! If you have a game plan you’re going to fair much better on those hectic mornings.

While none of these things are mind-blowing or earth-shattering, they have truly made me a better, more relaxed mom. Life is hard, “momming” is hard, and thats no surprise. But seriously . . . go out of town, make a plan to eat better, reduce chemicals your home, find shortcuts that work for you, and take control of your fabulous momma-life!

What are some things you do to simplify? Please share your tips with us!

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Leah is a mom two adorable kiddos; a three year old daughter and one year old son, and proud wife to Carey, Owner and President of Five Peaks Capital Group, based in Denver. When not working part time, she is busy at home with her two kids, trying new recipes, taking long strolls in Target on every single aisle (complete with coffee in hand), curled up on the couch with a nice glass of wine, practicing yoga, and now writing. She enjoys having a work-life balance, being able to work part-time within a passion of hers, and spending time with her babies. A true Denver native (third generation Denver-born!), she lived in Arizona for a few years after graduating from Colorado State University (Go Rams!) before returning home and never looking back.


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