My Traveling Circus:: Life with 3 Kids


Come one, come all to the greatest show on Earth!

Watch as this mom of 3 attempts to survive a grocery store run with all 3 kids! There are sure to be tears, tantrums, injuries…this show is not to be missed!


We have 3 kids. We have a boy (he just turned 4) and a 19 month old girl who arrived via c-section with a brother. Surprise! Yes, we have twins. When I leave the house with my children, I often feel like a traveling circus. People stop to stare, smile, ask questions, judge, comment… I’ve heard it all. Some nice, some not so nice. There are a few misconceptions I’ve come across as I tour the metro area with my traveling circus that I’d like to clear up:

We don’t all drive minivans. But I have to admit, I want one! I want one SO BAD. Gone are the days of judging that hideous child transporter. At this point, I don’t care if it’s a minivan covered in the words, “I HAVE GIVEN UP BEING COOL,” I’d drive it in a heartbeat. I have three kids in car seats in the same row. That means every time I leave the house, I have to gear up to throw one halfway across the car and land them squarely in his or her car seat without injuring said child. I’m about 80% successful. I dream of opening my minivan door with the touch of a button. I unload the groceries in the trunk while the kids independently climb into their own seats a million miles apart from one another. Once they’re in, I’ve got ample room to fit my 30-something-year-old rear end between the drivers side seat and car seat so I can safely buckle the kids, tantrums and child tossing be gone!

We might want more kids. Let me be clear, I DO NOT WANT MORE KIDS. But just because I have three offspring does not mean I’m eager to answer the question, “So you’re done right?” Have we met? It’s really none of your business and unless you’re a close friend or family member, I do not feel obligated to open up to you about such a personal topic while we wait in line at the deli counter.

We don’t want to tell you how we got twins. “Do twins run in your family?” is the polite way of asking, so are those test tube babies? I have no problem sitting down and explaining my infertility story to a friend. I am proud of the journey my husband and I went through to bring 3 beautiful children into the world, but call me crazy, I’m not really that interested in sharing how my husband and I conceived our children with the teller at the bank.

My children can hear you. When you walk up to us and sweetly say, “Boy, you’ve got your hands full!” I know you mean well. You’re trying to show me compassion, but my kids can hear you and I’m not looking forward to the day when one of them makes the connection that, “oh wait, we’re the reason that stranger thinks mom needs a vacation.”

We can’t do it all. I’m often asked how “I do it” or told by someone that they could “never do it.” The truth is, some days I rock at this whole mom of 3 thing, but some days I royally suck. Usually it’s a mix of both. It is hard, with a capital “H,” but I wouldn’t trade my life for the world. And just because we have 3 kids doesn’t mean we don’t want to babysit yours when you’re in a tough spot, or don’t want to bring you a meal after having your first child. We are eager to be a part of the mom network and to not be brushed aside because people think we have too much on our plates. We all have plates that are much too full, but we all get through it. Let us help!


Moms of three or more, do any of these misconceptions ring true for you? What misconceptions have you come across in your lives with your kiddos? We’d love to hear from you!

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Mom to a 3 ½ year old boy and 16 month old girl/boy twins, Liz Fendell is a recovering perfectionist hailing from St. Louis. Her current aspirations are showering three times a week and keeping all three of her precious munchkins alive. She survives on her ability to laugh at herself and with her nearest and dearest. Her new mantra is, “I am enough” and believes a healthy dose of humility and grace can get her through anything. And if that doesn’t work there’s always Plan B: witness protection. She exercises when she can and has recently pondered strapping her Fitbit to her 3 ½ year old son. Surely that kid is reaching 10,000 steps per day! A full time stay-at-home mom and talented lifestyle photographer {at Liz Fendell Photography}; she is passionate about capturing both the ordinary and the extraordinary moments in her clients’ lives.


  1. YES!!! All of it…true. It’s a crazy day by day experience that takes everything my hubby and l have to give. But the truth is almost everyone is tired by the end of their day. That tells you everyone is expending all the energy they have each day on something. For me… our 3 kids…what better way to expend all mine! I can’t think of one. It is wild, expensive(financially and emotionally/physically), joyful, and sometimes even not the prettiest picture. In my honest moments l have told friends on the fence about a 3rd who have asked “what’s it like?”, that somehow it defies basic math because though it’s only 1 more than 2…you will often aware it 3 more than 2. But there is something so satisfying that you feel in the deepest parts of your being about looking a THREE (or more) human beings that are thriving and growing and you get to be a part of that. Wow!

  2. As a momma of 5 I freaking love this. Sometimes I love and rule the monkeys in my circus and sometimes they rule me but like you the questions and judgments…rolling MY eyes. Ha! I just tell people that why yes I am busy, and yes I have my hands full of the craziest kiddos I know.


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