I’m Not a DIY Halloween Costume Mom


Not a DIY Halloween MoHas your child ever uttered the words, ‘Mama, will you make me a unicorn costume for Halloween?’ Say what? That cute face looking innocently at me wants me to make her a costume. My mind goes completely blank. There are many things I do well, but DIY costume making is not one of them.

(If I’m being totally honest, just the thought of DIY kid projects makes me sweat.)

So, what do I do when my precious little angel asks me if I will make her the costume of her dreams? What do I say when that darling girl asks me to make all her Halloween wishes come true? Well, I smile back at my daughter and lovingly tell her, “Sweetie, Mommy will buy you a costume.” 

Stop judging! I can feel you judging me through your phone. Well, some of you . . . others of you know what it’s like to be one of us . . . the non-DIY moms. 

Now if you are one of those amazing moms who can make costumes, cakes, and kids projects, I’m impressed. I wish I was gifted in these areas, but have learned in the last five years of my kids’ existence, this isn’t my wheelhouse. I do lots of things that are excellent, some things pretty well, and a boatload of things I do are really okay . . . DIY things fall below those other categories.
So, what do you do when you are a Pinterest fail mom? You pivot. You pivot and find options that work and keep everyone happy. You pivot and keep everyone happy and you keep your fingers from not being superglued together and covered in pink feathers from another attempt at a flamingo costume. Pivots. Happy children. Ten fingers. No feathers. Sound good?

Options for the non-DIY Halloween costume moms out there:: 

For the Thrifty Mom:

Mackelmore Thrift Shop
Cue Music . . . Mackelmore & Ryan Lewis Thrift Shop

If you’ve finished dancing, if you’re a little creative, and if you love a bargain, then this is your little piece of heaven. I sign up for their rewards programs, text messages and shop their dollar sales. We have multiple places in Denver: Kid to Kid, Once Upon a Child, Arc thrift, and Goodwill. You also have online options like thredup. What I love about kids’ places is the ability to take in clothes, get store credit or cash and then grab their costumes for that year or the next year. This does take time and planning but saves you some dollars in the end. If you’re looking for pieces to make costumes, Goodwill and Arc are great options at a fraction of the cost.

For the Mom Who Just Needs an Easy Button, Because Halloween is This Month:

Go shopping. I know Halloween is quickly approaching, but it’s not too late to buy a costume. ALSO, you can buy next year’s costume as soon as clearance happens after Halloween!  Now that my kids are old enough, I take my kids with me during clearance time to pick out next year’s costumes. This is also when we buy anything for imaginative play as well. 

For the Mom Who Knows Someone Crafty or DIY Gifted:

Call your mom. Seriously, the woman probably knows how to sew . . . how did so many of us manage not to learn?? In all seriousness, ask for help. My mom knows how to sew, tried to teach me, and I wish I had paid attention. My mom can DIY  You can always shop on Etsy and other amazing sites to help you track down sewing help. You can also engage a local seamstress if your child is set on a unicorn costume. There are lots of DIY options for sewing out there, it depends on your budget. 

For the Mom with Compliant Children

(or the Mom who is so tired that parenting is currently a series of threats and bribes and bribes and threats) . . . Don’t worry, we’ve all been there . . . many of us today)

Get your child(ren) to choose a different costume. I know, I know, her heart is set on a unicorn, but it’s also fun to give them options. Show them what’s available – cat, ghost, fairy, etc. to get them interested. We (the collective we) sometimes let their interests dictate everything and it’s good to mix it up. Especially for the non-flexible child. (Not naming names, but she’s four, full of life, and rules our house.) 

So to all the moms who aren’t DIYers, cheers to you. We’re in the same boat embracing our Pinterest fails. Just remember you’re not alone, so have a girls night instead of making that costume! 

DIY mom or not, we want to know . . . What are your littles planning to wear this Halloween?



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