Ode to My Four-Year-Old


Ode To My Four Year OldDearest four-year-old,

Oh how I love thee. Let me count the ways…

I love that you wipe your own butt.

I love that you sleep in your own bed THROUGH THE NIGHT.

I love that you know how to get yourself a snack and how to put your dish in the sink when you’re done.

I love that you laugh at my jokes and you make jokes that are funny.

I love how you talk about your younger siblings like they’re raised by wolves and cannot believe how messy/gross/dirty/loud/ridiculous/hilarious/lovable/misunderstood they are.

I love that I catch you repeating things I’ve said repeatedly to exhaustion to your siblings as you try to teach them.

I love that you’re curious about learning and think it’s fun.

I love that you no longer have tantrums on the floor of Target.

I love that you tell me you love me out of the blue.

I love that you don’t yell, “Mom! Mom! Mom!” at 5:00AM when you wake up.

I love that you get up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night 99% of the time.

I love that you can pick out your own clothes regardless of how ridiculous you may look in said outfit.

I love that you can go a day without crying.

I love that you grow braver and more confident about your place in the world every day.

I love that you still like to hold my hand and cuddle with me on the couch.

I love that you apologize after you’ve made a mistake without me having to request an apology.
I love that you ask me about my day.

I love that your vocabulary has grown to a place where you can verbalize your emotions and we can talk out how you’re feeling when the feelings are big.

I love your imagination.

I love listening to your teachers tell me how kind, polite, and on task you are at school.

I love watching you walk into your classroom with confidence even if it means I don’t get a hug goodbye as I watch you go.

I love watching you create a new game with your friends at the playground.

I love that you have grown into a person I enjoy being around because man, your three-year-old self…

I love you.


Have you made it to four? Because it’s a victory in parenting if we’ve ever seen one! What do you love about your four-year-old?

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Mom to a 3 ½ year old boy and 16 month old girl/boy twins, Liz Fendell is a recovering perfectionist hailing from St. Louis. Her current aspirations are showering three times a week and keeping all three of her precious munchkins alive. She survives on her ability to laugh at herself and with her nearest and dearest. Her new mantra is, “I am enough” and believes a healthy dose of humility and grace can get her through anything. And if that doesn’t work there’s always Plan B: witness protection. She exercises when she can and has recently pondered strapping her Fitbit to her 3 ½ year old son. Surely that kid is reaching 10,000 steps per day! A full time stay-at-home mom and talented lifestyle photographer {at Liz Fendell Photography}; she is passionate about capturing both the ordinary and the extraordinary moments in her clients’ lives.


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