Phoneless for the Holidays


Does anyone else have extreme guilt about using their phones lately? Almost every time I use my phone, my children get ignored so that I can text someone back or read something “real quick.” This starts to eat away at me. So I tell myself, I’m taking this app and that app off my phone. Not two days later, I reinstall said apps so I can post something or check something “real quick.”

I’m pretty sure I’m addicted to my phone.

The worst part is that it’s never “real quick.” All of the minutes throughout the day add up. 

My girls are now three-and-a-half and five-and-a-half. You guys, that’s like kids. As in, I have kids now. Not babies. Not toddlers… Kids! I’m not even sure when or how this happened. I imagine moms who have 10- and 12-year-olds reading this are thinking, “Oh, you don’t even know.” The moms who have kids going off to college are thinking they would take kids back in a heartbeat. 

My babies, I mean kids, are growing up faster than I would like. Just like everyone told me they would. As of right now there are no more babies for our family. 

For that reason, and many more, this holiday season I want to soak up every bit of Christmas magic that comes with having a three- and five-year-old. 

While there are times I do enjoy using my phone, I want to make sure it’s intentional. Further more, I want to make sure that time occurs while my girls are at school or asleep. If I have enough time to be using my phone, I have enough time to do a Christmas craft with them.

This holiday season, I want to be completely in the moment. 

While I might miss out on keeping in touch with fiends and family via social media, I will most definitely gain that, ten fold, in absorbing the wonder in my children’s eyes as they have my full attention. 

Now, let’s be clear… I don’t entertain my kids all day, every day; however, when they ask for my help, while we are reading a story, or watching a Christmas movie, I want to be all in, 100%. 

Maybe I’m alone in this phone guilt, but I’m pretty sure I’m not. Either way, I know I won’t regret this decision. Here’s to a holiday season filled with more fun outings, hot chocolate breaks, snowmen, and making memories.


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