Skating into Online School—Why My Family Made the Switch


The day my daughter, Melanie, put on her first pair of ice skates there was no turning back. Just three years ago she was a beginner, as she’ll tell you “clinging to the walls”. These days you’ll find her in the ice arena five days a week working on double jumps and double axels. She has not only carved her way to becoming a competitive figure skater, she’s found her edge as an online student at Colorado Connections Academy online school. It’s worked so well for our family that I want to share with fellow moms how it’s worked for us and why we’ve made this decision.

Colorado Connections Academy Online School | Denver Moms BlogI get so many questions when I mention our online school choice. How does it all work, you might ask? Here goes —

The Day to Day

Our days often start at 4:15 a.m., and Melanie arrives at the ice arena at 5:30 a.m. She ice skates five days a week, and some days even twice a day. She works off the ice as well, focusing on strength conditioning, running, yoga, ballet – all elements to help her succeed at ice skating. She also started coaching three and four year olds two days a week, just two years after picking up the sport herself. With her demanding schedule, we made the decision that Melanie should attend online school in order to successfully continue her training. The flexibility of her schedule and the cooperation of her teachers have been tremendous. Melanie can learn anytime, from anywhere there is an Internet connection.

Beyond the Ice

The flexibility is certainly key when it comes to Melanie’s schedule, however, we’ve found so many other elements that make us grateful for this online school choice. Melanie gets test anxiety and overwhelmed in situations like multiple choice quizzes and tests. We love that she can go back and go over everything with her teachers, having that one-on-one connection. It’s comforting to know that Melanie has the full support of her teachers and she’s found a learning style that works best for her but also challenges her.

Get to Class

Melanie’s favorite subjects are English Literature, Environmental Science, and 2D animation. The course offerings available to Melanie are extensive, so she can easily broaden her skills and explore her interests. While she completes her lessons online, content is really brought to life when she participates in her regular LiveLesson online sessions with fellow classmates and her teachers.

Making the Connection With Online School

For me as a parent, I love the opportunity to get involved with Melanie’s education on a daily basis. I have access to all of the school materials and am able to see what is being taught. I can discuss the material with my daughter and am there to support her.

Colorado Connections Academy has become a safe place for Melanie to share her ideas. The structure of the school and the engagement of her teachers makes us feel like we are in a tight-knit community, though she goes to school with students throughout the entire state.

I feel blessed to be able to make this choice for my child. Melanie’s put a lot of hard work in both on the ice and with her schoolwork. I’m very excited to see where her figure skating career and education will take her.


For moms out there (like me) looking for something different with their child’s school choice, visit It was a wonderful decision for our family, and it may be for yours!

We are so thankful to our partners at Colorado Connections Academy, Melanie, and her family for sharing their story of great educational alternatives in Colorado.


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