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You don’t have to be a mom to love and appreciate Target, but once you become a mom, you realize that a trip {alone} to Target is basically the equivalent to a vacation. It becomes more of a retreat; your happy place. It’s pretty, it’s organized, it’s colorful. Target knows what us women want and they deliver that experience. They are on to us. It’s quite scary. It’s classy enough that you feel like you’re shopping swanky, but chill enough that you can show up in your dirty yoga pants and a top knot and fit right in. So with that said, here is my list of things moms do at Target…

Head to Starbucks. Because vacation is not complete without your favorite overpriced beverage.

Browse housewares. Because it’s all SO pretty. And then decide you need that letter marquee light, seasonal ‘welcome spring’ wall hanging, and the ivory lacquered tray that you will put pretty things on. Errr, I mean you will put random papers, food wrappers, magazines, and receipts on.

Daydream in the clothing section. Seriously, so cute. It’s almost as easy as shopping on Stitch Fix (look for my post in a few weeks). And the sizes are pretty consistent, so I don’t even have to try those things on. See it, love it, buy it. Said every broke mom.

Check out the cute workout clothes. Imagine wearing them in that spin class you always think about, buy them, but just wear them to sit around on the couch and make your demanding child meals and snacks all day.

Dive into The Dollar Spot. It’s actually the $22 spot. Because that’s an average of what I spend there. And probably about 22 minutes, as well. But with decorative items, party accessories, toys, and holiday decor, I can’t help it.

Oh, the sales. We rummage through orange clearance stickers. And then open the Cartwheel app and browse for deals. But then, if he’s with me, my kid starts whining because we’re not moving, so I give up and try to forget about the $.15 I could have saved.

Tantrums are acceptable. While my child is still a little too young (not for long) to throw tantrums, I know that when he does start rolling on the floor demanding candy, that I’m not alone. It’s Target and those other moms get me.

Laugh, because our Husbands Hate Target. Because we leave them at home with the kids under the premise that “it’ll be a quick trip.” In reality, we will actually peruse every single department, stop for coffee, and probably just sit in the car for awhile catching up on social media.

And finally, go to checkout. While you came in to buy toothpaste and a 2-year-old’s birthday gift, you walk out $108 poorer, but seriously, look at all of these great buys!

And that’s how you get a happy mom at Target. Wait, what did I buy again?

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Jackie M. is mom to an adorable little boy, wife to David and dog-mom to the cutest German Shepherd around. She is an allergy mom, learning to navigate the various trials and tribulations ‘mom status’ brings to life. The good, the bad, and of course, the sometimes slightly ugly. In Jackie’s other life, she is the Marketing and Communications Director for a local Country Club. Jackie is ‘Miss DIY’ and has an Etsy shop {Fancy Flamingo} where she makes custom banners for life’s special occasions. Born and raised in the Midwest, Jackie is originally from Kansas City. She has called Colorado home since 2008, and loves experiencing all that this amazing state has to offer! A few or Jackie's favorite things include caramel lattes, clothes from Loft, M&Ms, a well organized craft room, taking too many pictures, exploring Colorado and the great outdoors, her husband’s cooking, and of course, the occasional time that she can spend on the couch.


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