Top Patios in Denver for Families


Spring has sprung in Denver! It’s beautiful out – and that means one thing. Patio time. Now there are patios, and then there are patios that are good for kids. Great drinking patios abound in Denver, but for the most part, kid-friendly just doesn’t make it into the equation.

So what’s a parent to do who just wants to sit outside, enjoy the beautiful Colorado sunshine, eat some good food, and drink some booze, but also has a little munchkin (or two or three) to keep happy?

Hit up one of these places!

Kaos Pizzeria (Platte Park)

Top Denver Patios for Families | DMMB

Denver has its fair share of pizza joints, but this one takes the cake (or should I say the pie?) for best kid-friendly patio. The wood-fired pizza will delight the whole family, and kids love the garden patio. Who knows, they might just find a family of fairies hidden somewhere in this charming setting.

DJ’s Berkeley Café (Tennyson)

Top Denver Patios for Families | DMMB

Tennyson may be hopping with new restaurants every day, but longtime Highland and Berkeley residents know that DJ’s is one of the neighborhood’s best breakfast spots. On sunny weekend mornings, you’ll surely find yourself in for a wait, but don’t worry, DJ’s has a stash of toys for the kids to play with and coffee at the ready for tired parents. Plus, one of the most amazing mug collections in the city keeps ‘em coming back regularly. Also hit up their sister restaurant at 9th and Lincoln for equally good eats.

Lowry Beer Garden (Stapleton/Lowry)

Top Denver Patios for Families | DMMB

As Stapleton/Lowry residents know, Lowry Beer Garden is the place to be if you want to booze it up with kiddos in tow. Be sure to head over on Saturday, June 11 for the Colorado Craft Brew fest. What’s in that sippy cup again mom?

Snooze at Union Station (Downtown)

Top Denver Patios for Families | DMMB

If you’ve been in Denver for any length of time, you know Snooze. Famous for it’s insane (and insanely delicious) pancake creations, but also famous for it’s lengthy wait. If you’re dying for some Snooze, check out the Union Station location. Kiddos can run and play in the fountain, while you sit back and relax. Worth the wait, I promise!

Beso de Arte (Morrison)

Top Denver Patios for Families | DMMB

Just west of Denver, this hidden gem is a perfect lunch spot after a morning hike at Red Rocks. The gorgeous patio boasts a waterfall that the kids will love, and you’ll feel like you’ve been transported far from the city as you enjoy some latin delights!

Little Man Ice Cream (Highland)

Top Denver Patios for Families | DMMB

The ultimate in kid-friendly patios, Little Man Ice Cream has something for everyone. On a warm summer night you’ll see the line down the block, but trust me, the wait is worth it. While you wait, the kids can run across the street to Hirshorn Park, or just hit the metal slide behind the iconic cream can building. Oh, and the Salted Oreo is not to be missed!

See any great family-friendly patios missing from our list? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Yes! GB Fish & Chips in Edgewater. Beautiful view of the skyline over Sloan’s Lake and a little play area for the little kid’s tucked in the back.


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