A Valentine for the Moms


A Valentine for the Moms | Denver Metro Moms Blog

A year and a half into my journey of becoming a new mother, I feel a strong need to recognize and thank all of the mothers who have helped me along the way. From the mothers in my own family, to the ladies in my MOMS Club, to the mothers who are and remain strangers to me – I have watched and learned from all of you. I want to apologize if you’ve ever caught me staring at you as you interact with your child; I assure you that it is a stare full of absorption and learning, rather than judgement. I have picked up practices and tactics from all of you as I create my own identity as a mother. Thank you for letting me watch and learn from you – you have done more for me than any other resource available to me.

On this Valentine’s Day, my love poem is to you all.

To the Moms I know
You help me grow:

I’ve watched in awe as you listen to the demands of your child
Whose manner is anything but mild
But you hear them out and offer the word
That calms them down and makes them feel heard

You offer ideas and distract
To keep a loose peace intact
You offer your love through their frustration
Then they move on without hesitation

To the Moms I know
You help me grow:

When your child has simply had enough
And handling their emotions is getting too tough
I admire your firmness and assurance
As you demonstrate effective discipline and endurance

They bloom from your direction
And despite your sternness, they still show affection
I’ve learned to be strong and do the same
To be my child’s leader in this parenting game

To the Moms I know
You help me grow:

Even though you just want to relax all day
You come up with engaging activities and play
You smile and laugh through tired eyes
And offer fun diversions when your child cries

I see you playing on the ground
Entertaining and fooling all around
You resist the call of a comfy chair
That kind of love is why I stare

To the Moms I know
You help me grow:

Your love shines through even when there’s anger
And your patience and tolerance are in danger
You push through the worst of it
Even though, at times, you want to quit

You let go of your mistakes
Realizing, in life, that’s what it takes
You know it’s love that’s most important of all
And cling to that fact as it pads your fall

I not only learn from you
I see and respect you too
You give me ideas, reassurance, and strength
To travel the distance of this journey’s infinite length

Happy Valentines Day, fellow Moms!


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