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Written by a Mama | Denver Metro Moms Blog

I can thank my mom for passing down the love of reading to me. She had us at the library since before I can remember and my early years are filled with memories of my favorite books. When the Internet came around (that makes me sound old) it was like someone handed me a vast amount of knowledge just on the other side of Google. I did, also, learn very quickly, that just because it’s on the Internet, doesn’t make it true. One shouldn’t always consult the Internet for answers…like WebMD’s symptom checker. Almost every time, it will tell you that you’re dying.

But since becoming a mama, I have never been more thankful for the other mamas out there writing their opinions, experiences, and review on products that make being a parent just a little easier. Another mother once wrote an article about buying the IKEA cushion for the IKEA highchair, and using it when they were out at restaurants to help her little one sit in the highchair. That cushion made eating out for me so much more enjoyable! Genius!

And the mamas who wrote about baby-lead weaning – what worked and what didn’t work for them, so that I felt somewhat prepared when I handed my six-month old beef brisket. And the mamas who wrote about just how hard it can be to be a new mama. And also that newborns can sometimes act like a little devil, despite their angelic appearance and it’s okay because they’re just newborns and they won’t be like that forever. Or mamas who wrote about making sure you still take a minute to look after yourself, and the mamas that encouraged me, through their writing, to decided how I (“we” my husband does have a say…sometimes) wanted to raise our son.

I’ve long loved reading. I think reading heightens your experiences and enriches your life. And I know, that’s what all you mamas out there, who share your stories and experiences and knowledge, that’s what you do for me. Doesn’t it feel good when you read a good book? To me, being a mama is like, the best book ever. Filled with ups and downs, high note and low ones; but a good, good story. The words written by other mamas…those are my favorite. So whether you actually write articles that others can read, or give helpful comments, or share with your mamas’ group–know that there are others there just taking it all in. They are the ones following your Instagram profile to see just how you’ve survived, and mentally making a note to try that tip you posted about making kid-goo to keep her busy toddler occupied. They are the new mamas over there in baby yoga, probably not saying a whole lot. They are the ones taking it all in, and they are so grateful that you’re sharing. Not pushing opinions, but sharing about being a mama.

And this mama, is super-grateful that there are other mamas out there who share stories, and products, and epic, colossal failures. Because I love reading, and I love learning; but I love being a mama and want to be the best I can be. And you make me a better mama. You equip me with information; you encourage me, you–even if you don’t know it–walk alongside me as a fellow mama with your stories and suggestions. I love reading your articles and comments and advice and product reviews.

We may not always agree, and we may take two different styles of parenting, or feeding, or lifestyle choices… but down deep, deep in the soul, we’re mamas and I love reading about being a mama.


  1. I love this! When I became a mother, I scoured the internet for tips and advice and found myself loving blogs written by mothers, I felt like I could relate to them more. I think it is wise and beneficial for us to all learn from each other! Thanks Abi!


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