Contributor Spotlight: Meet Liz F.


Contributor Spotlight: Liz F | Denver Metro Moms BlogLiz F. took the time to answer some of our most serious mom questions, so you can get to know this spunky mom and talented photographer a little better! . . .

Kid situation?: I have a four year old, and 20 month old twins.

Job situation?: I’m a SAHM and Lifestyle Photographer

Native? Or “Not so Native”?: Originally hailing from St. Louis, I’ve called Denver home for the past 10 years.

{Besides being an awesome DMMB Contributor } What are your passions?: I’m passionate about finding humor in the mundane, photographing children as they explore our world with abandon, and spending quality time with my beautiful family.

When you’re not in full on mom mode, what do you enjoy doing?: I enjoy renovating our home with my husband. It’s a slow process, but one we take great pride in as we slowly put our own stamp on our first family home. You can often find me spending time outdoors be it a playground with the kids, lounging on our back patio, our a family bike ride through the neighborhood.

What’s your tagline?: I am enough!

Any indulgences?: Wine, coffee, chocolate.

Favorite metro activities for kiddos?: We spend an extraordinary amount of time at Denver parks. They’re free, time consuming, and fun for all ages! Silo Park has been a big hit this summer as well as Westlands, the Centennial Splash pad!

What’s the one thing you NEVER leave the house without?: Wet wipes. Enough said.

What’s the strangest thing in your purse?: The strangest thing in my purse is a single thank you note I forgot to mail from a birthday party last November…see doing my best is not always that great!

What do you most love about being a mother?: Most recently, I have loved watching my kids interact. They are finally starting to go off on their own, leaving me to savor a warm cup of coffee, check in on the morning news, and smile as I listen to their giggles from the basement playroom. Life is good!

What’s your secret to balancing it all?: Is this possible?? My secret is that (at least for me) it’s impossible and to let go and remember I am doing my best every day. Even if my best is not showering for 3+ days and collapsing on the floor only to have my kids use me as their own personal trampoline.

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Elizabeth is a coffee-fueled Kansas transplant, IT Marketing & Communications professional, co-owner, and founder of DMMB. She's mom to two little ones and a 165 pound Newfoundland, Dally. Aside from her family and connecting with other Denver Metro moms, Elizabeth is passionate about many things: adventures local and abroad, balancing a fit lifestyle with a serious love for food, a good martini, reading- books and blogs, failing at DIY, spontaneous dance parties, and finding great fashion buys!


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