A Physician’s Prescription for Beautiful Skin

We are so thankful that our partner, Dr. Jillian Ciocchetti, has shared this information about Northpoint Surgery and Aesthetics and her beauty philosophy.

When I met Jillian Ciocchetti of Northpoint Surgery and Aesthetics in Northglenn, Colorado, I felt like I had known her forever. There are some people who immediately put you at ease in even the most Northpoint Surgical Denver physician beauty treatmentuncomfortable of situations, and fortunately she is one of them. Although I was excited to be receiving a series of facials and IPL treatments at Northpoint, I was a bit nervous about what exactly the treatments would entail. 

Jillian greeted me with a warm smile (and a very pregnant belly) and really took the time to get to know me and understand my skin concerns, which were mostly about unwanted skin pigments. I knew right away that I was in competent and caring hands.

During my first laser genesis and limelight facial session (more on that next month!), I learned that Jillian is not a dermatologist as one may assume, but a general surgeon specializing in breast cancer and varicose veins. She chose these specialties because these are two areas where it is crucial for a doctor to really connect to their patient. And although she would never say this, operating on breast cancer patients means she is saving lives.

Jillian chose to become a physician because she enjoyed science. While in college, she worked with two physicians: one with excellent bedside manner and one who was seriously lacking in the people skills department. She wanted to help restore the patient-doctor relationship and help people realize that you don’t have to choose between excellent care and a compassionate physician.

northpoint-106 physician beauty treatmentThroughout my treatment, Dr. Ciocchetti and her fabulous assistant, Dori, made sure to explain every single step of the process and asked often how I was feeling. She was honest and told me when something might be uncomfortable. We chatted between treatments, and I asked why she chose to add facials, laser treatments, and aesthetics into her already successful surgical practice. The answer surprised me.

Although it’s hard to believe now, Dr. Ciocchetti suffered from acne as a teen and again as a mother in her thirties. She was even on Accutane at one point. She became frustrated with expensive products that didn’t have lasting results, and finally met with an aesthetician during her first pregnancy. This aesthetician took the time to explain her skin and help her find treatments and products that really worked for her skin type. This inspired her to help others and focus on educating her patients about how certain products and procedures can help them maintain a healthy and beautiful complexion.

There was a slight learning curve when it came to learning about the new laser procedures and all of the corresponding lingo, but this did not hinder Dr. Ciocchetti, and I am proof of that. Dr. Ciocchetti now offers modern treatments for acne, aging, pigmentation, laser hair removal, rosacea, spider veins and wrinkles.

After only one treatment, my skin feels better than it has in years. While we were wrapping up our first session, I asked Dr. Ciocchetti about her personal beauty philosophy. She said that she believes a skin care regimen can’t be too complicated or too expensive. If patients cannot remember the steps or even afford to purchase the products, what’s the point?

I couldn’t agree more. Northpoint Surgery is not some snobby spa where you’ll feel judged. It is a welcoming place where you can get expert advice from friendly and helpful staff who have your best interests at heart. After only one treatment, Dr. Ciocchetti has herself a lifelong customer!




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