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For the last few years, my family has been subscribing to a certain formula of gift-giving that has really taken a lot of the guess work out of the holidays. It’s a fail proof system that ensures that the holidays remain edited, instead of out of control; thoughtful, instead of filled with random gift certificates. It has helped us to put more emphasis on quality rather than quantity, because as we all know, the last thing we need is more “stuff” clogging up our lives.

The building blocks are simple: something you want, something you need, something to wear, and something to read.

When we start building our wish lists, every gift fits into one of these categories, and when we wake up on Christmas morning, we each find four gifts under the tree, each thoughtfully purchased and each fulfilling one of our four gift purposes.

So! I decided to put together a few special Colorado Edition ‘want | need | wear | read’ wish lists to satisfy everyone in your family this year–for mama, for papa, and for the kiddos. Everything on these wish lists is Colorado-centric–it’s either designed and made in Colorado, made with materials found in Colorado, written about Colorado, or written by Colorado authors!

I encourage you to give the ‘want | need | wear | read’ method a try this year and in the future! Here’s to a streamlined and stress-free gift-giving season!

wnwr kiddos

For the Kiddos:

WANT: Handcrafted Felt Boy or Girl Dolls by Viola Studio

NEED: Kid’s Wool Pilot Hat by Luna’s Ocean

WEAR: Organic Cotton Leggings & Beanie by Little Lotus Organics

READ: Good Night Colorado by Adam Gamble & Mark Jasper

wnwr mama

For Mama:

WANT: Beetle Kill Pine Triangle Necklace by Applause Applause

NEED: Waxed Cotton Canvas & Leather ‘Garrison’ Tote by Winter Session

WEAR: Polartec Micro Grid Dress by Melanzana

READ: Plainsong by Kent Haruf

wnwr papa-2

For Papa:

WANT: Colorado State Parks Annual Pass

NEED: Artichoke & Leather Dopp Kit by Valentich Bags

WEAR: Plaid Flannel Work Shirt by Topo Designs

READ: The Shining by Stephen King

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Megan Lombardo is mama to two awesome kiddos, proud wife to a family medicine doctor, and a professional musician and piano instructor. She and her family lived in Denver for a handful of years before embarking on their current adventure in the mountain town of Salida. Megan will be focusing on helping your family find the easiest ways to experience all the hidden gems and lovely family-friendly excursions that you can get to within a short drive of the Denver metro area. One of the greatest things about Denver is its proximity to the mountains—so get out there and explore! When she’s not blogging, you can find Megan hiking around the Arkansas River valley, having a beer at a brewery while chasing her kids around, listening to music at Riverside Park with friends, playing music with her husband, or (still) ripping out carpet and tearing down wood paneling in her 1899 home in Salida. Megan is excited to connect with all of you!



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